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Wow! Look at this house.

303 Madison Street, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA

Year built: 1825

Number of photos: 2

The Dunnington-Garland-Noell House was designed in the federal style. The first owner was Walter Dunnington. The second owner was Samuel Garland, captain of the Lynchburg Home Guard and Brigadier General. Garland lived there from 1851 to 1862. The home passed to his family, and the tower was added in the 1890s. The Noell family purchased the house in 1901. They hired J.M.B. Lewis, an architect, to update the front porch and renovate the interior into an elaborate Queen Anne style. The facade is brick covered in stucco, not cut stone. This house is in the Garland Hill historical district in Lynchburg.